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Re: Theos-World Re: Leon Maurer's Ether.

Feb 28, 2002 02:12 PM
by leonmaurer

I never said they were "one of the sources" of ABC theory. But, did imply 
that the teachings, theories, or experiences of those named in my notes were 
consistent with my "science theory." 

For the source of the "...visions and metaphysical teachings of Don Juan"-- 
even though a fictitious name based on an authentic Yaqui Indian sorcerer and 
his teachings (one of whom I have known, and some of which I have also 
experienced) -- I suggest you read "between the lines and in the words" of 
the novels of Carlos Castenada. You might find Don Juan's take on the 
"mystery teachings" very enlightening.

As for the ABC theory... It is based on pure causal chains of intuitive 
scientific logic which links the zero-point and its "spinergy" through the 
holographic, multidimensional, coenergetic, and inner folded coadunate but 
not consubstantial fields in between -- with all phenomena of the physical 
universe that we can either experience, observe, measure, or mathematically 
determine the nature and properties of. It is also consistent with, and 
does not contradict any of the findings or scientific conclusions of 
relativity and quantum physics, or their synthesizing metaphysical, although 
still scientific theories of Superstrings/M-branes -- as well as going far 
beyond them by also explaining the nature and mechanisms of psi phenomena, 
perception and consciousness, while being in perfect agreement with 
theosophical metaphysics as presented by HPB in the SD (and apparently 
applied successfully by Don Juan:-).


In a message dated 02/25/02 11:02:03 AM, writes:

>What are the "astromagnetic visions and metaphysical teachings of the 
>Yaqui Indian sorcerer, Don Juan, that you claim is one of the sources 
>of your science theory ?

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