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Re: Theos-World The origine of the Central Sun.

Feb 28, 2002 02:14 AM
by leonmaurer

Who cares who first wrote down the concept of a "Central Sun" being in the 
middle of any group of orbiting stars or planets? Only historians, 
apparently, or HPB bashers, I might presume. 

For occultists, however, that idea is as old as Hermes and Pythagorus. All 
that's important to know is that the "Central Sun" of the galaxy of stars 
which rotate around it -- that objective science can only understand as a 
"black hole" because they can't see beyond the "event barrier" whose diameter 
depends on the "mass-energy" concentrated at its central zero-point 
"singularity" that absorbs all light energy -- has to be the same source of 
the energy "radiator" and "attractor" for the galactic system, as our central 
sun "Sol" (which science now says has a "singularity" at its center) is the 
energy "attractor" and "radiator" for the solar system. Both these central 
suns obey the same laws of metaphysical science -- although one may be the 
transmitter and the other the receiver of "sidereal light" on the material 
plane -- while their roles reverse when it comes to receiving and 
transmitting the higher frequency "astral light" on the universal or 
spiritual planes.

This seems to be parallel with the still controversial (from a scientific 
point of view) theory that all forms or bodies in the universe have a 
particular singularity or zero-point at their centers of gravity or center of 
mass-energy that is coadunate with or "entangled" with all other zero-points 
surrounding it... Accounting for gravitational attraction between separate 
masses -- which varies depending on the differing concentration or density of 
these zero-point singularity centers within each particular body of 
mass-energy. The amount of energy thus concentrated in such a singularity or 
"central sun" is, in accord with general relativity theory, what apparently 
bends the space surrounding such bodies to induce a gravitational attraction 
-- although there are other ways of looking at it from quantum or string 
theory viewpoints. Until science can close the gap and understand the 
coenergetic vibrational energy or "metaphysical" linkages between the zero 
point singularity and the quantum particle, or light "photon" -- none of 
their theories will ever be consistent with each other.

That's all that should be of interest to theosophists who wish to understand 
the scientific concepts that relate to or are consistent with the underlying 
principles of theosophical metaphysics. It should also be noted, from a 
theosophical and metaphysical point of view, that the words "central sun" (or 
"son" perhaps?) -- referring to the zero-laya-point origin of any "being" in 
the universe, from an atom to a star to a galaxy, or from a spirit to a mind 
to a body, has symbolic meanings that go far beyond considering the physical 
properties alone -- as conventional science mostly does. 


In a message dated 02/25/02 1:08:27 AM, writes

>The idea and the first formulation of a "Central Sun" comes from the 
>trancelectures of P.B.Randolph, and can be traced to exactly 1856, 
>twenty years befor Blavatsky wrote the SD in the same country, using 
>exactly the same idea as Randolph before.
>Randolph published the occurance when for the first time idea 
>idea "Central Sun" came to him in "Dealings with the Death" 
>published in 1861 p.44 he writes that it was given to him "by the 
>spirits in Bufallo 1856."
> Bri.

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