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Re: Theos-World Big Bang?

Feb 26, 2002 03:48 PM
by Mic Forster

G'day Terrie,
I prefer the term "life feeds on life"; sought of similar to yours.

Terrie Halprin <> wrote: Hi,

I think about the "big bang" sometimes AND the olde
"life comes from life" in terms of thinking of the
physics of a "big bang" as "the" birthing process of
life/life sciences -ya know? Very interesting
speculation, especially regarding the usual
birth/process requirements known to be mostly firmly
attached to the living we live, thusly stated:
fertile/fertility, fertilization, development and
labor - this, maybe, bodes an enourmous amount of
prior existence AND activity.

So, I begin to wonder, does something come from
something and/or nothing? And, along these lines,
would dead/death really come before life -WELL- dead
things do not truly seem to be producing life rather
they seem, in part, to be resulting from the life
processes themselves AND (very much it seems) life
feeds on/births out of its dead/death -SO- it seems
more likely to me that life is more truly 1st
process/position AND further than that that dead/death
is 2rd therefore c/wouldn't be 1st step prior, in the
grand orchestration of life itself -OR- at least, at
the moment, that's what I'm currently
"Life comes from life."

Have a BEAUTIFUL day,


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