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Re: Theos-World HPB and Maya

Feb 26, 2002 02:24 PM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Mic and all of you,

This is what I found by searching the Internet.

In the Secret Doctrine Blavatsky mentioned something about Palenque.
[[Vol. 2, Page]] 380 THE SECRET DOCTRINE. (The feathered bird).

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 267 EARTH, PEOPLED FROM HEAVEN - and -
[[Vol. 2, Page]] 34 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.(She here quotes in a positive manner (?) the famous Plongeon, the one who excavated the ruins of the Mayans.)

?? (Lucifer 1890,, 7. october p.165, and - Lucifer 1890, 7. November p235 - Ancient Races -- Alice D Le Plongeon.)
Does anyone have a quote from these pages ? I havn't - yet.

It reminds me of, a research, some have done - which mentions that Chitzen Iza's - ruins was build - with due respect to sound.
If some people wishpers - somewhere in the ruins - it can be heard easily in the other end of the ruins area - 2-3 kilometres away.

A little sufi story - on the rocks:

On a ocassion, we are told, someone who specialised in organising wisdom knowledge into an academic form died:

Honour when honour is due

A whole band of true and honest theosophists were being admitted to Heaven,and the doors swung open just enough to let each one in.
As soon as he was in, without ceremony, the doors closed and then opened for the next, who went in without any hesitation, as if he was quite expecting to be admitted.
Right at the end came a scholar, with the hair på according to fashion,welldressed with good clothes and a confident look. As he stepped forward the gates swung open, and trumpets sounded, while tremendous applause brokeout from an assembled multitude.
A shining figure came forward to escort him within.
"This is most gratifying," said the scholar to himself, "to know that the laerned no longer will have to give themselves airs and graces. Here, ay least, our importance is recognized." To the apparition he said:"Why all this ceremony?"
"Well," said the angel, "it is something of an occasion. You see, this is the first time that we have had an academic among us..."

Sufilight with surfing smile...and some fractals...

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> Does anyone out there know if HPB had anything to say about the Mayans of Central America?
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