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Re: Theos-World "Brigette truly has a Ph.D. in Mathematics?"

Feb 15, 2002 05:02 AM
by ramadoss


It may be noted that the names are listed in alphabetical order and after each name you find the title such as Dr. followed by Prof. I am sure if she has a PhD, the listing would have mentioned Dr. after her name.

Since the listing says Faculty and Staff, it seems to include administrative staff and more likely those with no doctorate/title may be staff. Usually there are Research Assistants who are understudy and there is a separate listing of Research Assistants and many of them have Doctorate and couple of them has Prof after their names. It is very likely that without a doctorate, one may not be on the faculty, especially in one of the top Universities in Europe.

Here is the list of faculty and staff.

Auinger, Karl, Dr., ao.Prof.
Bauer, Cornelia
Baxa, Christoph, Dr., ao.Prof
Ben Salem, Waltraud
Bürger, Heinrich, Dr., Univ.-Prof.
Bürger, Reinhard, Dr., ao.Prof.
Cap, Andreas, Dr., ao.Prof.
Chlopcik, Ingeborg,
Cigler, Johann, Dr., o.Prof.
Dörfler, Monika, Mag.
Einsiedler, Manfred, Dr., ao.Prof.
Eisenkölbl, Theresia, Dr.
Feichtinger, Hans Georg, Dr., ao.Prof.
Fulmek, Markus, Dr., ao.Prof.
Götz, Stefan, Dr.
Greschonig, Gernot, Mag.
Gröchenig, Karlheinz, Dr., Gastprofessor
Grosser, Michael, Dr., ao.Prof.
Hanisch, Günter, Dr., ao.Prof.
Haslinger, Friedrich, Dr., ao.Prof.
Hejtmanek, Johann, Dr., em. o.Prof.
Hlawka, Edmund, DDr., em. o.Prof.
Hofbauer, Franz, Dr., ao.Prof.
Hofbauer, Josef, Dr., ao.Prof.
Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Maria, Dr., ao.Prof.
Hörmann, Günther, Dr.
Huyer, Waltraud, Dr.
Kandl, Susanne, Mag.
Koth, Maria, Dr.
Kowol, Gerhard, Dr., ao.Prof.
Krattenthaler, Christian, Dr., ao.Prof.
Krätzel, Ekkehard, Dr., Hon.-Prof.
Kretzschmar, Gudrun
Kriegl, Andreas, Dr., ao.Prof.
Kunzinger, Michael, Dr., ao.Prof.
Lager, Waltraud
Losert, Viktor, Dr., o.Prof.
Mahnkopf, Joachim, Dr.
Malle, Günther, Dr., Univ.-Prof.
Markowich, Peter, Dr., o.Prof.
Massold, Heinrich, Mag.
Mattes, Josef, Dr.
Mauser, Norbert, Dr., ao.Prof.
Michor, Peter, Dr., ao.Prof.
Mitsch, Heinz, Dr., Univ.-Prof.
Mühlegger, Brigitte
Muthsam, Herbert, Dr., Univ.-Prof.
Neumaier, Arnold, Dr., o.Prof.
Obermaier, Martina
Piskernig, Martin
Ploss, Johannes, Dr.
Raith, Peter, Dr., ao.Prof.
Reichel, Hans-Christian, Dr., Univ.-Prof.
Rein, Gerhard, Dr., ao.Prof.
Rindler, Harald, Dr., Univ.-Prof., Vorstand
Schachermayer, Walter, Dr., Hon.-Prof., o.Prof. TU Wien
Schichl, Hermann, Dr.
Schmetterer, Leopold, Dr., em.o.Prof.
Schmidt, Klaus, Dr., o.Prof.
Schmitt, Peter, Dr., ao.Prof.
Schmitzhofer, Ilse
Schoissengeier, Johannes, Dr., ao.Prof.
Schwabl, Hans-Dominik, Dr.
Schwermer, Joachim, Dr., o.Prof.
Sigmund, Karl, Dr., o.Prof.
Steinbauer, Roland, Dr.
Summerer, Leonhard, Dr.
Teschl, Gerald, Dr., ao.Prof.
Ulovec, Andreas, Dr.
Weisgram, Martina
Weitzer, Michaela
Wendt, Robert, Dr.
Wisser, Florian, Mag.


At 06:35 PM 2/14/02 -0500, wrote:
Thanks for your help, much appreciated, in viewing the list I see
listing of professorships followed by individuals without Degree
shown. This
makes me speculate if they are really the Senior Understudy of the
listed above their names. Maybe Brigitte can inform us as there have
been times
when list members seemed to think there were two different people
posting as
Brigitte. It would be nice if we knew.


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