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Re: Theos-World Masters and the ES

Feb 13, 2002 01:53 PM
by Larry F Kolts

MKR: I do not know what the belief/attitude in TS-Adyar is. This issue of

> communications with Mahatmas, it is worth noting that in the early 
> days, 
> there were many communications from Mahatmas to many who were not in 
> any 
> was associated with TS. Also, there is the case of communication 
> that 
> Ernest Wood had even before he was in TS. I see no reason why there 
> should 
> be any change.

Again, we still don't know for sure what the story is, but concider this:

1-In the early Christian Church there were a number of Bishoprics that
claimed authority. One of the best claims was by the Bishop of Jerusalem
as that's where the whole thing started and in Acts the Bishop (James)
seems to speak with a certain finality. But also Antioch, Alexandria,
Byzantium (Constantinople) as well as Rome vied for primacy. When the
Muslems finally took all those places except Constantinople and Rome, the
Bishops of those two sees verbally battled for years until they
excommunicated each other and for Roman Catholics, the Pope (Bishop of
Rome) became the sole spokesman for God, while the Eastern Orthodox
followed the Patriarch of Constantinople.

2-In the early Mormon Church, a number of individuals claimed revelations
from God. Joseph Smith put a stop to that with his revelation that
Assistant Church President Oliver Cowdery should "not command thy head",
meaning that only Joseph could recieve revelations for the entire Church.

So just because at one time many recieved messages from Masters, at a
later time that "priviledge"have been curtailed. Of course individuals
can still 'do their own thing" as many Mormons over the years have laid
claim to their own special revelations, been excommunicated by the Church
and then gone on to form their own organizations. The number of these in
in the hundreds.

Let's see what others say, but thanks for the input. If know one confirms
that it is so, your reasoning stands until refuted.

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