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Re: Theos-World "Brigette truly has a Ph.D. in Mathematics?"

Feb 13, 2002 01:46 PM
by samblo

Thanks for your prompt reply. As I assumed when asking you that 
would also read, it is my hope she will confirm positive her 
acumen in the 
named discipline. I have had for many years a work that I acquire 
from the 
"back cottage" of the Besant Lodge on Temple Hill in Hollywood 
through the
good graces of the Director there at the time Frank Silberman.

This work has the title:
"Vedic Mathematics or "Sixteen Simple Mathematical Formulae From 
The Vedas" (For One-line Answers to ALL Mathematical Problems)

The Author: Swami Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji Maharaja
Shankaracharya of Govardhana Matha, Puri.

Editor: Dr. V. S. Agrawala

This is a First Edition, Hardbound, 1965, from India.

Published by Hindu Vishvavidyalaya
Sanskrit Publication Board
Banaras Hindu University

The Author a Yoga who retired to Forest Retreat brought forth this 
as a result. He maintains the knowledge contained herein is found 
in the Mandalas of the Rig Veda. One notable content is a 
presentation of
the Gemetria of the Sanskrit Character Set. Also is his presentation 
of intense
Grammatical Discipline and knowledge needed to interpret the sense 
for the proper Mathematical operation underway to be executed. 
Perhaps first
a complete knowledge of Panini's Grammar might be a prerequisite.

In my reading of his work I saw how the West had mired itself in the 
fixed awkward
structure of solving Mathematical Problems since the Darks ages and 
what worthy transformations might be accomplished in the western 
if these methodologies were being taught here in America to 
students. Certainly
massive "impedance" so to speak might be relieved of their minds and 
we might
see western students benefit. As India has such a remarkable 
contribution in this 
field could it be that they already employ this clean, streamlined 
method and we 
fixated as we are remain unwilling to locate the real determinative 
reason why?

This work I have seen newly published in Paperback in Bookstores. I 
others to inspect and if they find a similar view as I have perhaps 
their children
could study the methods and employ them to free so much more of the 
from the dreary western drudgery methods. 

I propose that Brigette review this work carefully and fully and 
present her findings
as to it's present useful utility and also to the Authors reliance on 
the Rig Veda
as a source of the perennial Wisdom and inheritance of mankind.


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