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Re: Theos-World Messages from the Masters and more...

Feb 14, 2002 10:28 PM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi John and all of you,

Thanks a lot for your email.
You know I live in Denmark far away from India.
When being a child I had a friend - a little - troll - with red clothes helping me.
When I later came to learn of Sathya Sai Baba he resembled that little troll.
I have also had a dream with Sai Baba - about some family affairs, but theyare not to be made official.
And I have had other strange encounters with Sai Baba involved.
But he/she (Sai Baba also acts as a woman) is not the only one I have had strange encounters with.

The book I think of is more like this : 
"MURPHET HOWARD ~ Where the Road Ends " 
Maybe someone could confirm this.

Sufilight with information and some Rugrats...

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> Morten, 
> I must say I have agreement with the main body of your post. Itis 
> my
> opinion that the "Sevenfold Economy" through usually though of as 
> only in referring to the individual has many Dynamic Scales of 
> Magnitude
> to include immediate family, groups, organizations, states, nations 
> and even
> worlds.
> To my knowledge Sri Satya Sai Baba is yet living but has stated he 
> will take
> departure in a few short years, and then to return as "Prema Baba" I 
> think 
> around 2025.
> Years ago I had a very strange dream, I was on a bus trip in India. 
> the bus 
> reached a town where we had to transfer to another coach to 
> continue the 
> journey. I and my Guide, a lady of India debarked the bus. It was 
> dusk. I looked around and saw all the people and the 2 buses.And 
> next I looked they were all gone! I stood there alone and the town 
> seemed deserted. Very miffed that I had been left behind I 
> determined "By God I'll walk there on foot" and picking up my 
> luggage in hand began walking down a long straight road with tree's 
> on each side
> in neat rows. Soon I noticed there were some Hindu women on the left 
> side of the road and saw they were spreading multicolored sheets of 
> cloth neatly over what I
> though was Hay. and pondered why they were doing that. Then I felt 
> that I was being observed and looking back over my right shoulder Isaw 
> Hindu Fakir in loin
> cloth, very old and thin, having a white-gray goatee.' As I directly 
> looked at him he 
> made the namaste and small bows to me following me about 15-20 feet 
> behind to my right side and smiling. I wondered who he was and whyhe 
> was following me,lol.
> Well, that was several years ago. A few months ago As Baba had come 
> up in conversation. and I was doing web searches and for the first time 
> became really
> aware that there was continuity of being between Stay As Baba and Stays 
> Baba. I had ran into the website by chance and reading the site a story 
> of how he 
> ground his grain and how the women tried to help him and he sent them 
> out of the city to lay the flour there as a cure to illness in the town.So 
> strange the resemblance of his photo on the website and who followed me 
> in my dream.
> The book you mention by the Theosophist Howard Murphet is "Sai Baba 
> Man of 
> Miracles" 1971, ISBN : 0 87728 240 4 , I have a copy of the 1973 
> edition.
> I found Murphets work intensely interesting and enjoyed very much, 
> especially
> that he maintained that the precipitated materialized jewel that Satya 
> Sai Baba
> produced for him yet was still in his possession many years later. No 
> idle astral 
> transient effect there I would say. 
> John  
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