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Re: Theos-World Messages from the Masters and more...

Feb 14, 2002 04:21 PM
by samblo

I must say I have agreement with the main body of your post. It is 
opinion that the "Sevenfold Economy" through usually though of as 
only in referring to the individual has many Dynamic Scales of 
to include immediate family, groups, organizations, states, nations 
and even

To my knowledge Sri Satya Sai Baba is yet living but has stated he 
will take
departure in a few short years, and then to return as "Prema Baba" I 
around 2025.

Years ago I had a very strange dream, I was on a bus trip in India. 
the bus 
reached a town where we had to transfer to another coach to 
continue the 
journey. I and my Guide, a lady of India debarked the bus. It was 
dusk. I looked around and saw all the people and the 2 buses. And 
next I looked they were all gone! I stood there alone and the town 
seemed deserted. Very miffed that I had been left behind I 
determined "By God I'll walk there on foot" and picking up my 
luggage in hand began walking down a long straight road with tree's 
on each side
in neat rows. Soon I noticed there were some Hindu women on the left 
side of the road and saw they were spreading multicolored sheets of 
cloth neatly over what I
though was Hay. and pondered why they were doing that. Then I felt 
that I was being observed and looking back over my right shoulder I saw 
Hindu Fakir in loin
cloth, very old and thin, having a white-gray goatee.' As I directly 
looked at him he 
made the namaste and small bows to me following me about 15-20 feet 
behind to my right side and smiling. I wondered who he was and why he 
was following me,lol.

Well, that was several years ago. A few months ago As Baba had come 
up in conversation. and I was doing web searches and for the first time 
became really
aware that there was continuity of being between Stay As Baba and Stays 
Baba. I had ran into the website by chance and reading the site a story 
of how he 
ground his grain and how the women tried to help him and he sent them 
out of the city to lay the flour there as a cure to illness in the town. So 
strange the resemblance of his photo on the website and who followed me 
in my dream.

The book you mention by the Theosophist Howard Murphet is "Sai Baba 
Man of 
Miracles" 1971, ISBN : 0 87728 240 4 , I have a copy of the 1973 

I found Murphets work intensely interesting and enjoyed very much, 
that he maintained that the precipitated materialized jewel that Satya 
Sai Baba
produced for him yet was still in his possession many years later. No 
idle astral 
transient effect there I would say. 


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