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Feb 11, 2002 09:56 AM
by kpauljohnson

--- In theos-talk@y..., "redrosarian" <redrosarian@y...> wrote:
> --- In theos-talk@y..., "kpauljohnson" <kpauljohnson@y...> wrote:
> > All the time in small ways; recently in a very large one.
> Does this mean you're highly influenced by a "he said, she said" 
> mentality rather than relevant facts?

No, it's relevant facts that are constantly changing my *ideas*; the 
hostile partisan atmosphere only influences my feelings, like about 
whether or not it's worthwhile to participate here at all. It's not.

This is quite revealing since 
> you admit to being the director of a library and historian. It 
> reveals your biases.

Huh? What biases? The bias of openness to new evidence?
> Although Brigitte has been extremely anti-Blavatsky, that hasn't 
> changed my opinion of HPB. 

It's not Brigitte's *attitudes* that might/ought to influence a 
Theosophist's understanding of HPB; it's the *evidence* she cites. 
And changing one's understanding isn't the same as changing one's 
opinion; I didn't even *have* an opinion about the possibility of 
drugs involved in the Liatto/Olcott encounter until Steve brought it 
up, changing my understanding of the story. About which I still 
don't have any definite opinion, just an interest.

Her opinions carry very little weight 
> considering her reputation as a biased, narrow-minded historian.
> > A big sense: Adelasie pretty much stopped my current writing
> > project in its tracks.
> This is the victim consciousness at its worst, blaming someone else 
> rather than taking responsibility for oneself.

You know, it really stinks to attack someone personally from behind a 

If you read with any understanding, you would see that this sense of 
recently coming to a watershed about historical writing is something 
that I view *positively*. Therefore blame does not enter the 
equation, since Adelasie simply pointed me towards some inner issues 
about the costs and benefits of research and publishing. I'm glad. 
It's a relief not to feel in such a rush to move forward on a project 
for which I have all the time in the world. Thanks Adelasie.

And thanks to everyone for interesting conversation. 

Since I find a personal attack from Morten in the weekend's 
accumulated mails, and a personal attack from you within moments of 
posting today, I can only conclude that where Theosophists are 
online, personal attacks on me cannot be far behind. And so, I wish 
everyone well, and say goodbye. I'll miss many of you individually, 
but will never be allowed to post here without constant personal 
harassment. It's just not worth the time and trouble. You win; I'm 
outta here. At least until next time! May it be years away.



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