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Re: Theos-World Exiting

Feb 11, 2002 10:06 AM
by adelasie

Dear Paul,

It is very generous and open minded of you, in my opinion, to search 
for, find, and admit to finding, something of value to yourself in 
something someone else has said, especially when the other person's 
words may have been painful at the time. If we all could do that, a 
lot of our wrangling would be found to be beside the point, at best. 

I don't take any credit for this, although you say thanks to me. The 
credit is all yours.

Best wishes, and may you be guided by our own highest ideals in your 
search for truth.

> If you read with any understanding, you would see that this sense of
> recently coming to a watershed about historical writing is something
> that I view *positively*. Therefore blame does not enter the
> equation, since Adelasie simply pointed me towards some inner issues
> about the costs and benefits of research and publishing. I'm glad. 
> It's a relief not to feel in such a rush to move forward on a project
> for which I have all the time in the world. Thanks Adelasie.

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