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An Appeal to "redrosarian" (MNS) & others about comments on Brigitte M.

Feb 11, 2002 09:54 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Subject: An Appeal to "redrosarian" (MNS) & others about comments 
on Brigitte M. 

MNS, you wrote to Paul Johnson:

"Although Brigitte has been extremely anti-Blavatsky, that hasn't 
changed my opinion of HPB. Her opinions carry very little weight 
considering her reputation as a biased, narrow-minded historian."

MNS, could all of us try to focus on the historical issues rather 
than the personal issues? Whether Brigitte M. is or is not what you 
say she is, the historical material she brings up is worthy of 
careful consideration.

For example, the material Brigitte M. brings up at:

is worth considering. The cases she mentions are historical material 
that was published before Brigitte was even born. Brigitte's 
apparent view about Olcott's credulity, etc. are issues that were 
discussed even during Blavatsky's lifetime. A thoughtful inquirer 
would want to carefully study and think about these things before 
accepting or rejecting the theosophical claims.

Let us all drop the ad hominem comments as much as humanly possible 
and instead focus on the issues that are there regardless of the 
person who brings them to the table to discuss.

Daniel H. Caldwell

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