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Winter Olympics and US Patriotism

Feb 10, 2002 03:40 PM
by Mic Forster

This is a post for our American friends out there. Here in Australia there is a lot of talk about American patriotism since Sept 11 and this was demonstrated at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Although I did not watch this the local paper stated that when the Iranian team entered the NBC announcer proclaimed: "And here comes Iran - a member of the axis of evil". I must admit that as an outsider I am deeply concerned at the way Americans are behaving. And as an outsider and an avid reader of Nazi Germany I must also admit that there are many, many parallels between what I see occurring in America today and what occurred in Germany between 1933 and 1939. As Americans do you feel that this is occurring? Is there a general drive from the common man on the street to see this so called axis of evil shattered? This email is not meant to be insulting, I would just like to hear from an American point of view. I would also just like to let you know the sentiments of the rest of the world. (Before anyone comments on Australia's support for the US, our Prime Minister is not highly respected by the common man and there is concern among the public here that George Bush is going too far.)
Regards from down under

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