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Re: Theos-World is it all speculation?

Feb 10, 2002 03:16 PM
by adelasie

Dear Eldon,

Thanks for saying this. We all need to be reminded from time to time 
that a lot more can be acomplished in an atmosphere of mutual 
respect. Most of us probably feel the need to defend ourselves if 
attacked, especially personally, but if we can manage some courtesy 
toward each other, our dialog will become more meaningful, instead of 
degenerating into name calling and worse. After all, this is a 
theosophy talk list, and theosophy teaches us to be tolerant, kind 
and non-judgemental. If theosophists can do it, maybe the whole world 
can, someday. It's worth a try.

Best wishes,

> Non-hostile environment? It's certainly too much to hope
> for at times. It's too idealistic. We can hope for it, and
> sometimes see it. But it's not the norm.
> It's good to see where people are coming from. Some will
> be flexible and take a "live and let live" attitude. Others
> will come out seeking to destroy all in their way, seeing
> the list as their playground to play the role of troll.
> People can get especially nasty on a mailing list, where
> they'd do and say things they'd never do to someone in person.
> It's like road rage, where once behind the driver's seat, someone
> vents their rage on others on the road, and perhaps a mild-mannered
> person becomes a freeway demon, terrorizing fellow drivers!
> We're all in this list together, and no one is empowered to
> speak with special authority. Each of us only speaks from our
> own views, and not a representative of the One Holy Religion,
> the One True Path, nor as The True Representative of Science!
> Joking's fine, but nastiness is out-of-place. Let's all
> behave ourselves. (That is -- everyone -- not just you, I, nor
> the first dozen people you might think of, everyone on the list.)
> -- Eldon
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