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Re: Theos-World Universal Pattern?

Feb 10, 2002 01:14 PM
by adelasie

Thanks Eldon,

I remembered after I wrote that post that I heard some very 
interesting talks on this subject at the conference I attended in 
Cambria last August, and I'm happy that there are theosophists and 
scientists who are investigating the links between the two. After 
all, science is a part of the synthesis we know as theosophy, as are 
philosophy and religion. It is no accident that these links are being 
investigated in this era and it is exciting to watch. 


On 10 Feb 2002 at 12:08, Eldon B Tucker wrote:

> At 10:31 PM 2/9/02 -0800, you wrote:
> >Modern science is full of brilliant minds and daring extrapolations,
> >but so far as I am aware, except in some remote areas, scientists
> >have not accepted the reality of the spiritual world, that which
> >transcends the physical, as a subject of study. Until they do, it
> >seems to me that what we call science is primarily speculation, a
> >result of looking at a part of the whole picture and forming theories
> >about the supposed whole based upon that fragment.
> >
> >I would be delighted to discover that I am mistaken.
> >
> >Adelasie
> One good book that I'd recommend is TURBULENT MIRROR by John Briggs
> and F. David Peat. It's subtitle is "An Illustrated Guide to Chaos
> Theory and the Science of Wholeness". It deals with the mathematics of
> "chaos," turbulence, non-linear dynamics, etc. The ideas are
> introduced with a philosophical approach. It offers many new key ideas
> that I'd suggest would enhance one's theosophical studies.
> -- Eldon
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