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Re: Theos-World Universal Pattern?

Feb 09, 2002 10:31 PM
by Mic Forster

Dear Adelasie,
As a scientist and a theosophist I would like to believe that I recognise the limitations of science in regards to the spiritual world. When speaking of ideas or theories I have I always made sure that I say: "this is only applicable to the physical world on the physical plane. Conditions and variables may be different elsewhere". The looks on my colleagues' faces is laughable to say the least. Invariably they would reply: "there's an elsewhere?"

adelasie <> wrote: Dear Jerry,

Modern science is full of brilliant minds and daring extrapolations, 
but so far as I am aware, except in some remote areas, scientists 
have not accepted the reality of the spiritual world, that which 
transcends the physical, as a subject of study. Until they do, it 
seems to me that what we call science is primarily speculation, a 
result of looking at a part of the whole picture and forming 
theories about the supposed whole based upon that fragment. 

I would be delighted to discover that I am mistaken.


> Your question is an honest one, and one that countless scientists have
> asked over the centuries. In the late 19th century, La Place assured
> us that the answer was yes. This Laplacian theory was scientific dogma
> until the 20th century when Einstein came along, and then quantum
> physics and then chaos theory. Today virtually all science is united
> in answering no. They did not change their view easily, nor quickly.
> But they did so in the face of overwhleming scientific evidence that
> probably and chaos form the foundation of our universe. Carl Jung's
> synchronicity theory sets up synchroncity to account for those
> chaotic/random events that are acausal - events that are not causally
> space or time related but happen anyway (and he was helped by the
> famous quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli).
> Jerry S.

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