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Re: Theos-World Universal Pattern?

Feb 09, 2002 09:27 AM
by adelasie

Dear Jerry,

Modern science is full of brilliant minds and daring extrapolations, 
but so far as I am aware, except in some remote areas, scientists 
have not accepted the reality of the spiritual world, that which 
transcends the physical, as a subject of study. Until they do, it 
seems to me that what we call science is primarily speculation, a 
result of looking at a part of the whole picture and forming 
theories about the supposed whole based upon that fragment. 

I would be delighted to discover that I am mistaken.


> Your question is an honest one, and one that countless scientists have
> asked over the centuries. In the late 19th century, La Place assured
> us that the answer was yes. This Laplacian theory was scientific dogma
> until the 20th century when Einstein came along, and then quantum
> physics and then chaos theory. Today virtually all science is united
> in answering no. They did not change their view easily, nor quickly.
> But they did so in the face of overwhleming scientific evidence that
> probably and chaos form the foundation of our universe. Carl Jung's
> synchronicity theory sets up synchroncity to account for those
> chaotic/random events that are acausal - events that are not causally
> space or time related but happen anyway (and he was helped by the
> famous quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli).
> Jerry S.

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