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Re: Theos-World Historical correctness

Feb 07, 2002 05:17 PM
by adelasie

Dear Larry,

Thanks for asking this question. It will be interesting to find out 
what everyone expects from participation on the list.

Would it be
> equally helpful to state a current mindset? Why are we here (on this
> list) What do we hope to get out of it? What do we hope to accomplish
> with what we contribute? Any takers?

When I found that there were theosophical study lists I was very 
pleased. It seemed like an excellent opportunity to study together 
with people whom I would probably never contact otherwise, since 
the internet offers such wide availability of communication. I hoped 
to learn more myself, and possibly be able to share some of what I 
have learned with others. Theosophy is very simple, in many ways, 
but it is not easy. I learn a lot from what others say, as they 
express their point of view, which is necessarily different from mine. 
To me theosophy is completely open-ended. The ancient wisdom 
comprises everything, but we are not ready as a race of humanity 
to understand everything. There is a lot in theosophy that I don't 
understand and I have found that there are others who can offer 
answers to my questions, which is very helpful. 

I also understand that humanity is in a very important phase in its 
evolution, and that that is the reason that theosophy came into 
being in this cycle. We are moving into a new age of 
consciousness, when brotherhood, the consciousness of the unity 
of all life, will become more and more realized. This doesn't happen 
overnight, but it is happening, and theosophical teachings give us 
much information about how to live in such a time, how to help the 
process along. The old order is changing and the new cannot come 
in until all humanity welcomes it. Since the ancient wisdom has 
been revealed for our benefit, and since theosophy does not 
proseletyze, it seems reasonable to take every opportunity to 
broadcast it, and these lists seem like a good way to do that. 
People can read what they like, accept what seems right to them, 
perhaps even find some answers to their questions. Or not. 
However it happens is fine. But why not try? It seems like an 
excellent opportunity to be of some help to each other.


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