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Re: Historical correctness

Feb 07, 2002 02:54 PM
by kpauljohnson

--- In theos-talk@y..., Larry F Kolts <llkingston2@j...> wrote:
rambling. I
> found it helpful for everyone do share their background. Would it be
> equally helpful to state a current mindset? Why are we here (on this
> list) What do we hope to get out of it? What do we hope to 
> with what we contribute? Any takers?

OK, I'll try. Current mindset: finding the sacred in nature and 
friends and family, with a much reduced interest in any form of 
organized spirituality or "sacred" literature. (But I still do 
practice "Cayceism" in several ways.) A passionate outdoorsman whose 
latest "spiritual cause" is the newly formed Dan River Basin 
Association of which I'm a founding board member. (Goal: to promote 
education, recreation and conservation about/in/of the Dan River 

Why here? Because although the "Paul Johnson" who wrote books about 
HPB and was obsessed by 19th century history is long dead, the karmic 
consequences continue to reverberate. In my daily life, that karmic 
legacy is entirely invisible; I am the county library director, a 
visible public figure about whom people vaguely remember that he once 
years ago wrote a book about Edgar Cayce. Even among closest friends 
and family, Theosophy and my books about it are almost never 
mentioned. So theos-talk is like an alternate universe in which that 
Johnson *didn't* die but lives on... which is alternately fascinating 
and horrifying. Feels like a time machine in a way, especially since 
certain denizens seem not to have aged a day, mentally.

Hope to accomplish? Encourage others' further investigations along 
the lines that I abandoned years ago, dialogue with people on various 
sides of the vexing HPB debates, defend the unjustly attacked, and 
expose the destructive forces within the Theosophical movement of 
which I have such painful personal knowledge.

That's an off-the-top-of-the-head response in the last few minutes 
before closing time.

BTW no one has ever said that fundamentalists are a majority or even 
a large contingent of Theosophists. But they do exist, and they take 
it upon themselves to be the scourge of the perceived "infidels." 
They wield influence out of all proportion to their numbers.



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