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RE: [bn-basic] God Bless America

Nov 28, 2001 06:57 PM
by dalval14

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Dear Estela:

If you are a student of theosophy, then you might be subscribing
to the concept that the WORLD IS ROUND. No one owns any part of
it, but only the WHOLE. Every other human is an immortal SOUL
and a brother to us. We breathe the same air, drink the same
water and walk on the same earth. We are all bound invisibly by
a common Karma. Let's not make it worse.

12,000 miles does not destroy brotherhood. But man
misunderstanding man does, even if they are only inches away.
What is TOLERANCE ? What is BROTHERHOOD? How do we apply it.

What is the essential difference between love and hate? Have we
the right to HATE anyone else ? have we destroyed every vestige
of evil in ourselves? Can we justify, if we are pure, anything
that tends to hurt or abuse anyone else ?

We have no business, as I see it, to try to apply our standards
to others. But we do decry as a general fact: ignorance, narrow
parochialism, bigotry, and stupid rigidity wherever we find them,
and they are in all countries, including ours -- the Americas of
today. I have vestiges of them and I know it, and I fight with
myself to maintain a balance all the time -- and I think we all

All political boundaries are arbitrary. By the time we
reincarnate, there may not be an America such as we know it
today. Where then do we place our allegiance ? Why not to the
FAMILY OF MAN ? What is Theosophy but the history of the WISDOM
of our world and universe ? Shall we not give allegiance to that

Further, if we reincarnate, then we have been members of many
nations past and future. We have had many families and we cannot
count the times we have stood against evil.

Is not our allegiance to MANKIND ? And, to TRUTH ?

America is our temporary abode this incarnation. We, as its
citizens, owe it many conveniences. But America does not own any
of us. And certainly none of the "politicians" I know, are
honorable enough for me to place reliance and allegiance to them
as persons.

Recall Tom Paine, one of those who was responsible for
originating and supporting America: He wrote in the CRISIS
PAPERS to assist and support Washington:


If we can say and act in those terms, then we deserve the name of
patriot. We are patriots of the WORLD. We decry and expose evil
wherever it is to be found lurking under the guise of honesty.

Best wishes,


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From: estela piscope []
Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 6:09 PM
Subject: [bn-basic] God Bless America

To the moderators of this list.

In posting "american evil" you have made a political statement.
In stating
that you will not tolerate a "war of opinions" points to a
manipulation of
political opinion that is abominable. I am very proud to be an
hold the principles with which this country was founded dearly
and will
allow anyone to spout garbage as is their right. But I will not
be a party
to political coercion or censorship however subtly presented. You
posted one man's opinion of America, you will now have to allow
in equal measure. The moderators of this list have shown poor
taste on
various occasions, but what is most unseemly is their recent
investiture of
theosophism. I did not know that Theosophy had a clerical caste.

AMERICA is NOT EVIL BUT GOOD. We are not perfect, but then
neither is the
world nor the cosmos, perfection is on another plane. America was
by men guided by higher powers to bring into existence the basic
expression of brotherhood, which is freedom from political,
social, and
religious coercion.

"But you in America. Your Karma as a nation has brought Theosophy
home to
you. The life of the Soul, the psychic side of nature, is open to
many of
you. The life of altruism is not so much a high ideal as a matter
practice. Naturally, then, Theosophy finds a home in many hearts
and minds
and strikes a resounding harmony as soon as it reaches the ears
of those
who are ready to listen. There, then, is part of your work: to
lift high
the torch of the liberty of the Soul of Truth that all may see it
benefit by its light. " -HPB in the second letter to "The
Conventions of
the American Section"

God Bless America,
Estela Piscope

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