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The Links do NOT work

Nov 27, 2001 07:07 PM
by danielhcaldwell


It is almost 8 pm my time and I thought I would try to get a head 
start on reading the French material by first printing out the 
material at the following links which you gave earlier today:

But the links do NOT work. Is there a problem with this site?

I had hoped to take the extract that you quoted from French and 
peruse the material at the above links and see what evidence, 
reasoning, etc. French gave for his summary statements.

For example, French wrote in the extract you gave:

"There can be little doubt that Blavatsky mined the experience of 
such men as Rawson and Sotheran in her quest for an occult synthesis."

Does French in his thesis expand on this statement? What evidence 
and reasoning does he give for this statement, especially since the 
statement begins with: "there can be little doubt".

Can you provide excerpts in which French wrote about what he means by 
Blavatsky "mining" their "experiences" and what did he base this 
interpretation on?

This coming weekend when I have time I will try to go over the French 
material that you can provide on at least this one topic.

Daniel H. Caldwell

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