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Re: Blavatsky revealed.

Nov 27, 2001 09:09 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Brigitte wrote:

> The evidence for the above can be seen in following links. But 
> Caldwell hass never as much as with one word commented on these:

Brigitte, you no doubt expect me to comment on everything you've 
posted! Now you want me to comment on Brendan French's material.

I am still trying to understand and grapple with what you yourself 
have written.

Is there any particular item in Brendan French's material you want me 
to comment on? Or do you just want me to comment on the one quote 
you gave from Brendan's writings?

It takes time to read and study material and even longer to analyse 
and make meaningful comments on the material. I guess you want me to 
comment off the top of my head on all sorts of things as illustrated 
by all the emails you posted yesterday.

I will make comments on items that I believe need further elucidation 
and/or corrections. I have other projects and duties and have 
limited time to devote to endlessly commenting on what you want me to 
comment on. 

For the next 5 days I have to work full 8 hour days and will not be 
able to comment on anything. This coming weekend I will try to look 
at the Brendan French material.

Daniel H. Caldwell

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