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Re[2]: Theos-World RE: Vision, Thought and Intuition

Nov 27, 2001 04:24 AM
by Alan Williams

Hi Bart,
Wednesday, 21 November, 2001, you wrote:

> Alan Williams wrote:
>> To question the "masters" is to question HPB's Theosophy - and a great
>> deal of questioning is apparent on this list.

> To put it succinctly, bullshit.

> The adepts themselves wrote that we should accept NOTHING just because
> they say so; they are not giving us the Truth(tm); they are giving us

Quite so, Bart. But upon rejecting them, whoever they might be, brings
into question everything else HBP wrote concerning the tradition and
preservation of the secret doctrine. So shes either telling the truth
or a great lie. When the keystone is removed the arch collapses. Cut
of the feet, the statue collapses, doubt the masters, doubt HPBs
Theosopy... and so on.

Best regards,

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