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RE: Vision, Thought and Intuition

Nov 19, 2001 03:05 AM
by dalval14

Monday, November 19, 2001

Dear Katinka:


Reading the many original exchanges of letters and other
documents in the course of the modern THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT one
becomes more sure that there is a "master-influence" over the
whole. May we not call it a sense of TRUTH and of occult as well
as of Universal FACT ? The sense that says: "That is TRUE."
And then sets to work with the MIND to prove or disprove it.

For those who look to see literally only the material side of
living and purpose, there is of course the sad effect of a
self-limited condition -- which H P B refers to under
"materialist" in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) .

Asking the question "Why?" of all phenomena drives the inquirer
to find the CAUSE, and the MOTIVE. Usually that lies within or
precedent to the material effects we all see.

But the tenor of Theosophy is not limited by the grossly physical
barriers. It probes ever deeper for the CAUSES, and the SOURCE
of everything and asks constantly: "Why are things the way they
are? Is there any interaction above, below, through the
"material" which serves to explain the nature of intuition and of
man's continual inquiry into reason and motive.

Is this not the operation of the "Heart Doctrine?

Let's take an example. We observe a thunder storm at a
distance -- we may turn our heads away, and hear the echoes of
thunder at great distance. We turn our eyes back to the
advancing clouds -- the Lightning flashes and immediately the
eye sees it. Trained through experience, we wait seconds for the
great BOOM to arrive to our ears. Knowing that sound travels at
about 1200 feet a second, we can calculate the distance of the
flash from us. Light is transmitted at about 136,000 miles a
second. There is a vast distance in time, between the two
effects that follow the cause: "LIGHTNING."

The first invisible "boom" may be compared to the physical; and
later when eyes and ears are coordinated, the seeing of the flash
may be compared to the action of the INTUITION and the

The interval between seeing and hearing may be compared to the
time lag -- as one set of impulses is made to travel faster than
the other through the intervening planes that correlate and
translate, and then transmit the phenomena to the coordinating
center of the HUMAN MIND -- then, from there, through the ASTRAL
BODY and ASTRAL BRAIN, the physical brain is made aware of the
conclusions drawn from both angles of seeing, and then hearing.
Intuition and the thought processes become coordinated.

Wisdom and mental action (trained logic) perceive causes
immediately. The Materialist always lags behind and cognizes
only the gross effect.

Anyone can advance for the benefit of readers their conclusions.
Each reader in turn will have to decide in the light of their
experience and of their knowledge of universal law (Karma) what
is the more reasonable.

Best wishes,


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From: Katinka Hesselink
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 1:14 AM
Subject: Re: [Intuition and Ratiocinative Thought] H P B quoted


My response (inwardly) to the person who wrote that he
thought the book by Barborka on the Mahatma's and their
letters ought to be included was something of the opposite
of the below: if you have felt that perspective needed
stressing, why wait so long. This is an unmoderated list,
so each is free to express their opinions. All the
moderator does is give his opinion every once in a while.
Though I notice he is quite silent on the Masters-issue.
Also each who feels that a certain perspective is left out
of the discussion has perhaps a moral obligation to give
their view.

> From:
> There are almost "countless" books available "out there"
> that are certainly
> related to Theosophy or its ideas.Thank's for bringing
> yet another to the
> attention of the readers.
> What i have found is that the focus of this and some
> other lists is that of
> the current LA Lodge and its publications and some other
> Lodges publications.
> From time to time i have seen on this list references to
> many different book
> sources "outside" of the offerings of those Lodges but if
> , in this students
> opinion , the list tried to go into each individual book
> which may or may not
> be valued by all A focus would be lost and it would be a
> book review list
> source only, good for some and of no interest to others.
> The moderator of this list has stated its general outline
> and tends to stay
> with it the best he can considering all the various
> levels of understanding
> of Theosophical ideas and principles.
> Everyone has something to offer along these
> lines,Including your above stated
> author.
> But the main refernce books remain stated time and time
> again for the uplift
> of the traveler as the MAIN thrust of Theosophy.
> Well , just a thought or two on the subject.
> Peace , Kshanti and blessings.

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