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Re: Re: The HPB quote from the Carlson book

Nov 19, 2001 01:13 AM
by Katinka Hesselink


My response (inwardly) to the person who wrote that he
thought the book by Barborka on the Mahatma's and their
letters ought to be included was something of the opposite
of the below: if you have felt that perspective needed
stressing, why wait so long. This is an unmoderated list,
so each is free to express their opinions. All the
moderator does is give his opinion every once in a while.
Though I notice he is quite silent on the Masters-issue.
Also each who feels that a certain perspective is left out
of the discussion has perhaps a moral obligation to give
their view. 

> From:
> There are almost "countless" books available "out there"
> that are certainly 
> related to Theosophy or its ideas.Thank's for bringing
> yet another to the 
> attention of the readers.
> What i have found is that the focus of this and some
> other lists is that of 
> the current LA Lodge and its publications and some other
> Lodges publications.
> From time to time i have seen on this list references to
> many different book 
> sources "outside" of the offerings of those Lodges but if
> , in this students 
> opinion , the list tried to go into each individual book
> which may or may not 
> be valued by all A focus would be lost and it would be a
> book review list 
> source only, good for some and of no interest to others.
> The moderator of this list has stated its general outline
> and tends to stay 
> with it the best he can considering all the various
> levels of understanding 
> of Theosophical ideas and principles.
> Everyone has something to offer along these
> lines,Including your above stated 
> author.
> But the main refernce books remain stated time and time
> again for the uplift 
> of the traveler as the MAIN thrust of Theosophy.
> Well , just a thought or two on the subject.
> Peace , Kshanti and blessings.

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