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Re: source material

Nov 19, 2001 01:19 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hi Eldon,

I guess many TS-Adyar people would also consider
Krishnamurti to be source-material. Even though his
subject-matter has very different stresses than the
Blavatsky stuff.

> From: Eldon B Tucker <>
> Subject: A Successful Study Leads to Doing Things
> It is generally agreed among theosophical students that
> it's important to study and be familiar with the original
> writings, which may include Blavatsky and her Teachers
> (as represented in THE MAHATMA LETTERS), and others of
> her generation. Apart from them, the Point Loma and ULT
> branches would consider Judge as "a source writer"
> whereas the Adyar would consider Besant as such; so with
> these authors there is not general agreement. All three
> would consider Sinnett as supplemental reading, but
> "not authoritative," because of various views on the
> degree on which each author's writings were overseen by
> the Masters or backed by extensive training in the
> Mysteries.
> Apart from reading and studying the original materials,
> to know what they say, it's up to each student to
> draw upon any additional available materials --
> theosophical or otherwise -- that enhance the process.
> What process? It's one of study and self-discovery
> leading to a form of spiritual awakening that sets one's
> feet firmly on the Path.

-Those who observe, learn, a whole life long.
-Wie observeert, leert , een heel leven lang.
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