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Re: Theos-World RE: Vision, Thought and Intuition

Nov 19, 2001 06:16 AM
by Alan Williams

Hi dalval14,

Monday, 19 November, 2001, you wrote:

> Reading the many original exchanges of letters and other
> documents in the course of the modern THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT one
> becomes more sure that there is a "master-influence" over the
> whole. May we not call it a sense of TRUTH and of occult as well
> as of Universal FACT ? The sense that says: "That is TRUE."
> And then sets to work with the MIND to prove or disprove it.

To question the "masters" is to question HPB's Theosophy - and a great
deal of questioning is apparent on this list.

It is a bit like HPBs criticisms of historians who said Julius Caesar
could be trusted on his reporting of wars and conquests but should be
distrusted on all other reports of phenomena which conflicted with the
historians world view.

It is clear to me that IU and SD present a unified explanation of
existence and that such an explanation is absolutely necessary if we
should not be like the rationalist and materialist she castigates in
IU who as

"Atheist; presenting before his fevered vision, a hideous, ceaseless
procession of sparks of cosmic matter created by no one;
self-appearing, self-existent, and self-developing; this Self no Self,
for it is nothing and nobody; floating onward from nowhence, it is
propelled by no Cause, for there is none, and it rushes nowhither..."

I for one dont think its possible to accept parts of the broad
encompassing explanation and reject others on rationalist grounds.

Either HPB had access to protected knowledge and knew the protectors
or she, as many insinuate, "made it up" via a very erudite synthesis
of all existing western knowledge.

In the same breath she is a "genius" for that synthesis and a hoaxer
because the masters, and other elements are denied on one or other

However, naive as I might be, I too believe that when the truth hits
you, you feel it. So those who would can continue questioning as much
as they like. I shall concentrate on trying to better understand it.

Best regards,

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