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RE: Re[2]: HPB's race theory, and the Secret Doctrine.

Nov 17, 2001 05:19 AM
by dalval14

Saturday, November 17, 2001

I believe that error is commonly made.

The Brain is viewed by Theosophy as the linking mechanism between
the body which speaks or writes, and the THINKER which is within
the body, and which acts as the seat of the memory and the CAUSE
for Intelligent actions -- the brain is just a tool. The real
brain is a lattice work of electro-magnetic synapses other than
the counterparts on the physiological level which send measurable
impressions to our probing or receptive instruments. In
Theosophy it is called the STRAL BRAIN -- and this is a part of
the ASTRAL BODY. (the 2nd of the 7 Principles in Nature and in

Physiology also shows that in spite of impairment, the brain can
in some cases continue to work normally. In other words the
brain alone is not the sole cause for speech, thoughts, feelings,

It is quite true that areas of the brain respond to receiving
impulses from the senses and also act when generating or passing
on the effects generated by the REAL MAN (the Thinker) inside.

If you have access to The SECRET DOCTRINE use the Index (a
separate book) and look up Brain, Race, etc... there is valuable
material there, but it cannot be used without great care in
studying. Theosophy views the Universe as an integrated Unit and
not as an analyzable subject.

Best wishes,



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Mylecturer actually ascribed it to a phsyiological difference of
brain - the old form follws function theory again I suppose -



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