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RE: Re[2]: Theos-World HPB's race theory, and the Secret Doctrine.

Nov 15, 2001 11:48 PM
by nos

Mylecturer actually ascribed it to a phsyiological difference of the
brain - the old form follws function theory again I suppose - phrenology



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|Hi nos,
|Friday, 16 November, 2001, you wrote:
|> A lecturer at Uni was giving us a lesson on the visual 
|centres of the 
|> brain and he used an example - which I suppose is racist unless of 
|> course it's true - he said that african races have been 
|shown to have 
|> -
|Yeah, had the same sort of lecture, but I dont think it was 
|racist. It was about perceptual differences of people in 
|different enviroments. People who live in Euclidian worlds are 
|familiar with squares, triangles, solids, sharp edges etc and 
|easily differentiate one from the other. A person from a deep 
|rural environment (of whatever race, South American Indian, 
|African, Papua New Gueanean or whatever) without a tradition 
|of a geometrical world would be used to the shapes of nature - 
|leaf clusters, clouds, rock formations, animal shapes etc and 
|if suddenly confronted with a geometrical world would find it 
|difficult, until they had adapted, to distinguish the squares, 
|triangles, solids, sharp edges etc... On the other hand, such 
|a person could easily orientate themself in a jungle or forest 
|and thread their way through seeming thickets in which a 
|westerner would be completely lost.
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