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Some practical Quotes from Thjeosophical Literature

Nov 13, 2001 03:20 AM
by dalval14


These are extracted from Mr. Judge's simple words to show how
some key ideas can be considered, and if found wise, applied.



Do all acts for the reason that they must be done, instantly
resigning all interest in them.

Place your only faith, reliance, and trust on Karma. (the
universal and impartial Law of Justice).

Theosophy is for all men, for all people, who are ever with us.

We learn almost solely from each other.

"What is the "Moment of Choice ?" Ans.: "It is made up of the
aggregation of all those moments flying by us each instant. We
end to scrutinize our choices . What is our motive ?

What is practice in benevolence? Ans.: "I am not separate
from anything. I am that which is. I then think of all men as
myself. This is a good method and ought to be pursued, for it a
step towards getting into contemplation of "the All."

We need to do what comes to be done in whatever way we can.
Always act for the Good of All.

Abstract Truth -- has necessarily in it all the mercy there is in
the whole. Its sternness is only a reflection from our own

The Great Brothers exist. They had to fight the fight. They
triumphed, and they work for those left after Them (that is
ourselves). Then beyond Them are the "Fathers," that is, the
spirits of "just men made perfect"...Who lived and worked for
humanity ages ago... Who nevertheless influence us in that Their
spiritual force flows down upon this earth for all pure souls..
Their immediate influence is felt by the "Masters," and by us
through the latter.

What is True Faith? It is the intuitional feeling "that is
true." So, formulate to yourself certain things that you feel to
be true, and then increase your faith in them. Verify them.

If we are anxious, we raise a barrier against progress....

Every aspiration higher brightens up the road connecting the
higher and the lower self. It is not what is done, but the
spirit in which the least thing is done that is counted.

The one Spirit is in all, IT is the property of each; therefore
IT is always there, always with us...the soul of all is measured
by the whole of Time and not by any part.

We do what we can. None of us can be the judge of any creature
existing; so do not judge others in the least respect."

We do not change ourselves by moving the body to another place.

All help you extend to any other soul is help to yourself. It is
our duty to help all. It is better to die in our own duty,
however mean, than to try another one.

Cast all doubt, all fear, all regret aside, and freely take of
truth. It will thus be well. Eternal Truth is one and

Let us use with care those living messengers called words.



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