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RE: Masters, the SD and Theosophical History - to Brigitte

Nov 13, 2001 03:19 AM
by dalval14

Monday, November 12, 2001


Dear Friends:

In the matter of the Masters and H P B collaborating to write The
SECRET DOCTRINE there was published in PATH magazine for April
1894 a certificate received by Dr. Hubbe-Schleiden which makes
this clear. See PATH Vol. 8 p. 1 - 3. You may or may not
"believe" or take as "authoritarian" anything you please about
the claims made concerning the Theosophical doctrines and their
sources. The Letters from the Theosophical Mahatmas and others
are available on deposit at the BRITISH MUSEUM. So to are
authentic originals or copies of other basic and original
theosophical writings.

No modern author (including myself) can lend either doubt or
proof to these past signposts, but if students wish to ascertain
for themselves the value of such matters, then they must devote
their time and energy to proving them for themselves.

Others have done so, each has to decide, ultimately, for
themselves on the value of the two "doctrines."

One is the "EYE Doctrine" and the other is the "HEART Doctrine."
The first is physical facts and written words and testimony. The
second consists of the meaning and the coherence, and the
reasonableness of what has been offered for study as a whole.

In regard to the value of The SECRET DOCTRINE, one need only
study it. If you do not do that, your opinions remain that --
OPINIONS; and further, they lose credibility when confronted
with actual DOCUMENTS, and strict LOGIC.

The value of 2nd hand opinions or 2nd level writing becomes
tarnished with opinions in conflict with one-another.

If you ant to read a documentary history of the THEOSOPHICAL
MOVEMENT then secure and read a copy of the book: THE
THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT (1875-1950) published by Cunningham Press,
Los Angeles and recommended by the UNITED LODGE OF THEOSOPHISTS .

Its "authority" will be found again to lie in the documents it
makes available. It is recommended that students check these out
independently. There are no short-cuts.

Best wishes,



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From: Gerald Schueler
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Subject: Masters - to Brigitte

<<<<Brigitte: I have no problem with the above, and as you write
"for her time, I think she did quite well" I'd like ad , she did.
verry well. But then with things like the above and almost the
whole of the SD taken from the litterature of its time, with HPB
as she writes herself "only adding the glue", but this is to
modest in my opinion, she created a great synthesis giving
evidence of the geniousness of her mind (and as the front cover
of the SD itself says it is indeed a "synthesis"). But then why
continue to insist Morya and KH wrote the book ?>>>


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