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Fair Play and Censorship

Nov 05, 2001 09:10 AM
by Blavatsky Archives

An email correspondent sent me this morning the quote below from 
HPB. I'm not sure from what article of hers this is quoted from but 
I remember reading it before.

"In England people seem to like fair play on the whole. . . . Open 
your columns to free and fearless discussion, and do as the 
theosophical periodicals have ever done, and as LUCIFER is now 
preparing to do. The 'bright Son of the morning' fears no light. He 
courts it, and is prepared to publish any inimical contributions 
(couched, of course, in decent language), however much at variance 
with his theosophical views. He is determined to give a fair hearing 
in any and every case, to both contending parties and allow things 
and thoughts to be judged on their respective merits. For why, or
what should one dread when fact and truth are one's only aim? . . . . 
why should Agnostics and searchers after truth in general, help 
bigoted and narrow-minded materialists, sectarians and dogmatists to 
HIDE our light under a bushel BY MERE BRUTAL FORCE and usurped 
authority? . . . ." Caps added.

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