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Reply to last email of Brigitte

Nov 05, 2001 06:14 AM
by Blavatsky Archives

Dear Brigitte,

Apparently you do not want to have a dialogue.

But trying to be positive I repeat again my offer as given in my last 

Dear Brigitte,

As I have said before on more than one occasion to you, I am trying 
to concentrate on one issue/topic/subject at a time. To skip and 
skim over possibly a dozen subjects as you have done in many of your 
postings may be okay for you but to comment on them in a meaningful 
way would take me many pages of text. Since I have already answered 
some of your questions and made a number of comments relevant to what 
you've already written, I would hope that you would answer my several 
questions that I lately posted on this forum. 

These are the issues and questions:

"If Brigitte CANNOT accept at face value the straightforward event of
the Master Morya coming on horseback to Bombay, then I would really
like to know what she thinks about this 1876 series of events which
reeks of the paranormal and involves Ooton Liatto and 'another dark
skinned gentleman of about fifty. . . . '"

". . . . Does Brigitte accept this Ootoo Liatto case at face value? 
If Brigitte really believes that HPB 'clearly wrote about Olcott's
Master fantasies to Hartmann', then I hope Brigitte will anwer this
question: Is this Ootoo Liatto account by Olcott just another GOOD
EXAMPLE of 'Olcott's Master fantasies'?

Brigitte, a few simple answers would probably not require more than 
15 minutes of your time.

In turn, I will be more than happy to give a similar opinion/feedback 
on one of the many issues you want me to deal with. If you have a 
few related questions about this one issue I will try to give my 

Hoping this will help to further our dialogue.

Daniel H. Caldwell

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