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Nov 05, 2001 03:53 AM
by dalval14

Monday, November 05, 2001

Dear Gopi:

You wrote:

We go beyond mind when we talk about 'voice of silence'


Dear Gopi:

As this brief statement needs (I think some qualification)
Permit me to say:

I would disagree on the basis of 'my" logic (at that which is
said there).

Let me explain:

On this plane (where we are all AWAKE and using the brain-mind),
when we think of or consider THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE, we are
looking into the CAUSES of our perceptions.

Those perceptions are thoughts and thought-images.

One cannot escape using our mind -- as we are MIND-BEINGS. Even
our feelings, our instincts and intuitions still have to pas in
review through the "filter" of our minds.

Their consideration, their comparison, their orderliness cannot
be reviewed unless we stop them in their motion and then view
them from a point of view which I would characterize as "our
stability." But this, as I see it, lies in our MINDS. We the
Immortal THINKERS use our perception (mental) to study our
environment and the Universe. In ourselves we observe the mental
and emotional changes that constantly occur -- so WE as the
PERCEIVER or the OBSERVER, are stable and they change. To
perceive this we employ the MIND as our tool.

H P B wrote her last book, and titled it the VOICE OF THE
SILENCE. She did this for a purpose, I think. It was done, so
that we, who constitute ourselves her pupils, may discover the
expressions of the HEART DOCTRINE -- the GOOD LAW -- the LAW THAT
MOVES TO RIGHTEOUSNESS -- which all can study and use.

The details of the History of our development (Cosmogenesis, and
Anthropogenesis in The SECRET DOCTRINE ) and, the characterizing
of the powers relative to the 7 Principles that are to be found
in all Nature, as in each human, give us the "tools" to make
adjustments to our own personal natures. The whole book is based
on the universality of the SPIRIT -- which underlies UNIVERSAL

It makes us all brothers -- to the atoms, to other humans, and to
the STARS, and -- to the WISE SAGES of all times and climes. We
are all immortals and we are all evolving together in a great
cooperative and inter-active mass.

What is the VOICE OF THE SILENCE ? according to the 7-fold
theosophical classification of principles, the "VOICE OF THE
SILENCE" may be a hint dropped for our present mental
consideration from the HIGHER SELF ( ATMA-BUDDHI -- the SPIRITUAL
MONAD within us ). It has power because it is ours, and comes
from our own past experience. It "rings" and we sometimes allow
that vibration to "wake us up." It is also allied mystically to
the ABSOLUTE from which all emanate. It therefore acquires its
"stability" and permanence from the vast ONE SOURCE of ALL. W
have t learn to submerge and control our sense of separateness --
the Personal Desires and ambitions.

Atma is defined as the Universal Sprit.

Buddhi as (primordial Matter) is able to record in Akas the
ACCUMULATED WEALTH of our EXPERIENCE. Since we are immortals,
the totality of that "EXPERIENCE" is quite vast.

It includes as MEMORY, all the good and the bad we have done in
the past. It is WISE because it gives us a pause -- a moment --
to review the PRINCIPLES that ought to guide our immediate
choices. It reviews therefore our previous errors, and also the
KARMIC effects we have either suffered from, or enjoyed. Thus
the embodied brain-consciousness that we use for all our present
thinking, has at its beck and call, so to say, a very wise TUTOR

This Spiritual person within us, is not going to compel us to do
anything. It presents ideas and the benefit of past experience
if we are patient enough to consider the thoughts of warning
(voice of conscience," or "intuition,") which speak to us.

In effect it says: "Why repeat the errors you suffered from in
the past ?"

Are we humble enough to look into that and then perhaps modify
our impulses and choose a mild and cooperative way? Are we
willing to temporize and search for the rules and laws of Nature
that make our work and choices impersonal and for the "good of

As I see it, our minds (are our "tools") because WE can control
and direct them. They also give us our INDIVIDUALITY, because
they serve to bridge the gap between the instincts developed by
the evolving animal form that we use, and the Universal WISDOM
which the Spiritual person within us, KNOWS and USES all the
time. We as Minds are bridges between folly and WISDOM.

We, awake, here and now, are the physical brain-mind persona. We
are the pupils who are trying to learn about Nature's Laws and
ways. We have an internal Monitor (a "tutor") who is powerless
to control and direct us. We at this crossing point in
evolutionary processes are expected to become THINKERS and using
the logic of the universal curriculum, it is we who have to
improve and discipline ourselves, so that this stage of our
evolution takes place more quickly, as we employ the self-control
and self-choice that we are developing. And this is done in
conjunction with the all the WISDOM-EXPERIENCE we have
accumulated from an extraordinary past -- which our new brains or
this incarnation -- have no access to.

The whole question has to be approached, I would say, most
logically. We have to dig up the CAUSES of the effects which we
show in ourselves and to OUR SELF at present. We have to
understand that under our own self-made Karma we have shaped the
kind of character, memory, interests, and capacities. WE do the
CHOOSING, and we are CHOOSING our FUTURE right now.

But this kind of exercise is well within the reach of any of us,
and we can prove the validity of this aspect of Theosophical
psychology to ourselves right away.

Best wishes,



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We go beyond mind when we talk about 'voice of silence'


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