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Re: Theos-World time to review how theos-talk operates

Nov 01, 2001 06:59 PM
by MKRamadoss

I am on several lists, all unmoderated, and everyone of them have their ups and downs in terms of traffic. There are bound to be times when things become hot and some msgs that may be seen out of line. The self policing that goes on takes care of any msgs that may be considered offensive or inappropriate and unjustly personal attack. Since not everyone can be satisfied all the time about what goes on the list, my suggestion is leave things as they are. If it is not broken let us not fix it.


At 08:54 PM 11/1/01 +0000, you wrote:
There have been some complaints about personal attacks on the list.
Others, primarily on another list, have observed an inconsistent
reponse by theos-talk list members. When certain subjects or
individuals are involved, I'm told, there's immediate support for
the individuals attacked. When other subjects or individuals are
involved, others pile on and magnify the attack.

The general rule here has been no personal attacks, but in the
interest of openness and freedom of thought, the list is
unmoderated and there's been no heavy-handed policing of the
messages going out. I value that freedom and would hate to give
it up.

We're an odd assortment of individuals, of different political,
cultural, racial, religious, and economic backgrounds. We're
presumably here -- hopefully -- because we share a common interest
in Theosophy or theosophic inquiry, and not with other, perhaps
hidden agendas (like were someone with us in order to recruit us
into their favorite religious cult or "save us from the devil" or
some other such balony).

To date, when people have gotten out-of-hand, there often have been
other list members posting messages asking them to "shape up," or
sending them private emails to the same effect. Since this hasn't
consistently happened, I'd like to ask everyone what their thoughts
are on the subject.

What do people think is appropriate and what is "off topic"? (This
deals with the content side of the discussions.)

What do people think is appropriate behavior and treatment of
others? (This deals with the process side of the discussions.)

I'd like to see what people post (and write privately to me).
Perhaps it's time to review and change the guidelines or the way
things are run. Based upon input from list members, I'll write up
what the proposed changes might be, for review by list members.

-- Eldon Tucker

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