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some elements of a good posting

Nov 01, 2001 06:32 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

I was written earlier today by someone on the
list wanting to know if a certain line of
research was ok to discuss on the list, when
it had reached the point where the findings
could be presented.

It was a good question. Because there are
different theosophical groups, each with their
own view of history and the lives of their key
leaders, we'll see people strongly liking certain
discussions and others very unhappy with them.

The differences are further compounded by the
fact that each group teaches a slightly different
version of Theosophy, but the differences aren't
apparent to the new student unless he or she
studies the literature from different theosophical

The research sounded like reasonable
philosophical and scientific inquiry. We're
taught to question, test out ideas for ourselves,
and come to our own understanding of the
philosophy. Each of us is as entitled to do so as
anyone else, even if one don't stick to the
traditional beliefs.

As long as a subject is clearly marked in the
message header, so that people can decide if
they want to explore it or not before opening
the message, I don't see why certain subjects

Where things go wrong is when people attack
others or claim to know their motives better
that they do themselves. Or when people
promote a general hatred or bigotry against
an entire class of others. It's ok to
disagree with ideas and offer better ones;
it's not ok to brand the other person with
some hateful term, lumping them in a group
of "bad guys" that one wants to mock or

Another thing may regard harassing people.
Someone may not want to carry on a particular
conversation. Once they've said so, it's
unfair to continue to challenge them in
emails to continue the undesired dialogue.

Since this is supposed to be a theosophical
list, it would be a good idea if there was
some connection between the postings and
theosophic thought. Simply linking to a
url or reprint something of interest is
not helpful if the connection is not apparent.
An explanation of the connection usually
makes things much clearer. I'd recommend that
we always mention why something is of interest,
when passing it on.

The message gave me a change to start
writing down some of my thoughts on the
subject of making a "gracious space" out
of the list. How about other ideas from

-- Eldon

At 02:37 PM 11/1/01 -0800, you wrote:
Dear Eldon,

I am currently researching theories of Leadbeater,
especially dealing with Indigenous Australians, and
links with eugenics. My theory is that some work
undertaken during this period was highly influenced by
the contemporary thoughts of the day. My intention is
to eventually place my findings on the list. I know
some people who may affiliate themselves with
Leadbeater may become offended. Is this sort of
material likely to be banned in the future? If so I
would be greatly disappointed and it would infringe on
the freedom of speech I am sure most of us adhere to.

Mic Forster

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