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Unauthorized publication

Nov 01, 2001 06:08 PM
by gregory

I was outraged to find that Dr Brigitte Muehlegger has published a number of papers on her ŒHistory of Theosophyı web site - http// - 
which are extensive extracts (including whole chapters) from my Doctoral thesis, and that she have further published papers ³by the editor² which directly plagiarise (without acknowledgement or permission) material from my thesis. I note that some of my material has been published in an edited form or with titles and headings not found in the original work and which distort and misrepresent my research and my opinions. This publication was without my permission and, indeed, against the explicit direction I gave to Dr Muehlegger when making a copy of parts of my thesis available to her. Such publication is in violation of my copyright and other intellectual property rights in the material published. I have therefore written to Dr Muehlegger requiring that she immediately removes all material of which I am the author and in which I hold copyright and other intellectual property rightsfrom her web site and refrains in future from publishing such material without my explicit permission. I have further required that the authorities of the University of Vienna, on whose web site the material appears, be informed of this violation of my rights and confirm the withdrawal of my material. I reserve all rights to pursue appropriate legal remedies against Dr Muehlegger and against the University of Vienna in this matter.

Dr Brendan French

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