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RE: [bn-basic] (no subject)

Nov 01, 2001 05:03 PM
by dalval14

Dear Friend :

We all. began as you have in the Pre-K, and I would consider myself as still
being in it. There is so much to learn. So we try to help each other with
our experience.

As you study you will find that THEOSOPHY always offers to levels of
discovery: One is called the “Heart Doctrine.” You will find it in the
VOICE OF THE SILENCE . It deals with the moral and ethical aspect of our
choosing. It is based on the fact that we all share in the ONE CENTRAL
SPIRIT -- the highest and purest and the Origin of all beings. This is why
Universal brotherhood is emphasized as the first Object.

To grasp the meaning of the VOICE OF THE SILENCE it might be a good idea as
a preliminary to read through and study the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) -- this
may give you a basis from which to understand some of the statements made in
the VOICE OF THE SILENCE -- but, in any case as you study it, if you ask
questions, we will all try to find answers for you.

The basic ideas of Theosophy are:

1. UNIVERSAL UNITY (Brotherhood in SPIRIT),

2. KARMA (as universal justice, mercy, education, and the urge to do “good”
to all),

3. REINCARNATION or the periodical return into a physical body of the
imperishable and eternal EGO (The Spiritual MAN, which never “dies,” and is
of unlimited Mind power) and

4. universal EVOLUTION -- in which all beings (which are Immortal in
essence) -- from the Atom, to the Man, and, from the WISE to the distant
STARS, are all involved.

You can read the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) if you want as it is on-line at

Best wishes,



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Dear Sir:

I subscribed to the 10 week course offered by Blavatsky Net. Does it start
at a specific date?

Yesterday I bought the book THE SOUND OF THE SILENCE. I started reading
slowly, going back and forth between the quotes and the glossary. ( It could
be said that I am in Pre-K of Theosophy, therefore, I am not familiar with
many terms -- hence the need to refer to the glossary.) I only read a few
pages because sometimes I had to read the quotes several times. I feel that
I am grasping the message. Would you suggest that I continue to read, or
wait until I finish the basic course before I try to read on my own?

A reply would be greatly appreciated.




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