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RE: Theos-World time to review how theos-talk operates

Nov 01, 2001 08:38 PM
by nos

As I've stated to those who have contacted me privately - Where do you
draw a line between theosophy and non-theosophy?


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|From: Eldon B Tucker [] 
|Sent: Friday, 2 November 2001 7:25 AM
|Subject: Theos-World time to review how theos-talk operates
|There have been some complaints about personal attacks on the 
|list. Others, primarily on another list, have observed an 
|inconsistent reponse by theos-talk list members. When certain 
|subjects or individuals are involved, I'm told, there's 
|immediate support for the individuals attacked. When other 
|subjects or individuals are involved, others pile on and 
|magnify the attack.
|The general rule here has been no personal attacks, but in the 
|interest of openness and freedom of thought, the list is 
|unmoderated and there's been no heavy-handed policing of the 
|messages going out. I value that freedom and would hate to give it up.
|We're an odd assortment of individuals, of different 
|political, cultural, racial, religious, and economic 
|backgrounds. We're presumably here -- hopefully -- because we 
|share a common interest in Theosophy or theosophic inquiry, 
|and not with other, perhaps hidden agendas (like were someone 
|with us in order to recruit us into their favorite religious 
|cult or "save us from the devil" or some other such balony).
|To date, when people have gotten out-of-hand, there often have 
|been other list members posting messages asking them to "shape 
|up," or sending them private emails to the same effect. Since 
|this hasn't consistently happened, I'd like to ask everyone 
|what their thoughts are on the subject.
|What do people think is appropriate and what is "off topic"? 
|(This deals with the content side of the discussions.)
|What do people think is appropriate behavior and treatment of 
|others? (This deals with the process side of the discussions.)
|I'd like to see what people post (and write privately to me). 
|Perhaps it's time to review and change the guidelines or the 
|way things are run. Based upon input from list members, I'll 
|write up what the proposed changes might be, for review by 
|list members.
|-- Eldon Tucker
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