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RE: [bn-study] Third volume of the Secret Doctrines....

Oct 31, 2001 05:16 AM
by dalval14

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Dear Allen:

Recently answered

See (quote )


One need only refer in the SECRET DOCTRINE to what H P B states
the contents of Vols. 3 AND 4 OF The SECRET DOCTRINE will
contain. Then compare the contents of "Vol. 3" SECRET DOCTRINE
with H.P.Blavatsky's statements.

After Mr. Judge's death in 1895, Mrs. Annie. Besant who remained
the Editor of LUCIFER, sent to press a collection of articles
that had been written, and left in her drawers by H P B, along
with other material.

These appear to have not been edited by
H.P.Blavatsky for their final printing in LUCIFER or THEOSOPHIST,
or as part of the next volumes of The SECRET DOCTRINE . So we
do not know if the material printed in the "3rd Vol. SECRET
DOCTRINE" is as H P B would have issued it.

This "3rd Vol." of The SECRET DOCTRINE was issued by Annie Besant
as Editor, through the Theosophical Publishing House in 1897.

I repeat: it is the READER who will have to decide if this "3rd
Vol." is genuine.

As indicated in the VOICE OF THE SILENCE,
there is a difference between the "Doctrine of the Eye" and the
Doctrine of the Heart." Each student will have to decide on

But, to be able to do this, he has to be thoroughly familiar with
the teachings contained in the ORIGINAL EDITION of The SECRET
DOCTRINE published in 1888.

Best wishes,



I hope this proves helpful



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I am wondering if anyone currently in the discussion group has
the "third volume" of Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine that Kessinger
available, and wonder if you have, what your opinion of it you
think it was an intended third volume, random papers or ???


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