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RE: Theos-World Frank's relating HPB to Protocols of Zion and Rotschild untrue.

Oct 30, 2001 03:05 PM
by nos

Do you have a link to the Bern case - I would be very much interested to
see how they determined it was a fake. Having read them myself I would
say this - Fake?? So? Your point? Take them on face value - read the
words and then read history. AMAZING PROPHECY'S - THE PETZ is perhaps
the greatest work of PROPHECY EVER - far surpassing NOStradamus. I mean
to foresee the world wars, the world bank, the IMF , the United Nations,
the formation of Israel, the establishment of a NEW WORLD ORDER (novus
ordo seclorum). Wow! Amazing Stuff. Fakes? Well who cares?


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|Sent: Tuesday, 30 October 2001 5:30 PM
|Subject: Theos-World Frank's relating HPB to Protocols of Zion 
|and Rotschild untrue.
|Frank: Didn't HPB warn the public about the Rothschild conspiracy? 
|Brigitte: Frank, I dont think it is fair to relate HPB in any way to 
|the protocols, wich have been proven to be a fake from afther 
|Blavatsky's time. 
|Nos: Proven by whom Briggite? 
|There is an antisemitic remark by Blavatsky in a letter, but that 
|letter is not about the Rotschilds, Frank will probably have the link 
|to the english translation of the letter, since he made the 
|translation, I only remember the german one wich is at the bottom 
|However, Frank by making severral refferences to HPB in a mail by 
|him see;
|that is essentially about the Protocols he seems to imply HPB would 
|have approved of the Protocols .
|And since the Protocols in a major courtcase in Bern Switserland led 
|by proffesional prosecuters who established that beyond reasonable 
|doubt the protocols are a fake, 
|To begin with. Connecting any of Blavatsky's statements to the 
|protocols seems not to make any sense atole.
|There isn't even any evidence why, ore even that "HPB warn the 
|public about the Rothschild conspiracy", not atole.
| Brigitte
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