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theos-talk and anti-semitic conspiracy theories.

Oct 30, 2001 03:02 PM
by bri_mue

Their seems to be a very particular view on the world/political 
situation ,that ties up, as it seems on Frank's example, with the 
beliver's religious convictions. 
For example one of the largest examples in modern times of 
fundamentalists going criminal have been the millions of their own 
citizens that the Nazi's systematicly killed off (aided by tons of 
people who where convincst they where doing notting wrong) Another 
much smaller but more recent example of such believers fervor,( 
apart from what is going on with Muslim fundamentalism ofcourse) is 
the Aum Shinri Kyo cult/ Japanese underground gas attack.
In all casses it can be verified that conspiracy theories played a 
crucial role in their motifs for the actual criminal acts. The 
creation (invention) of an enemy that only can be fought by applying 
extreme measures. 
Recent studys are underway by the way that tie the conspiracy 
theories of the Nazi's as inspired by White Russians that moved to 
Germany, imported these conspiracy theories, and started to influence 
and support Hitler. 
Hitler also said things like: "We do not judge by merely artistic or 
military standards or even by purely scientific ones.(This is in an 
article that someone just send for publication on my web site) We 
judge by the spiritual energy which a people is capable of putting 
forth, which will enable it in ten years to recapture what it has 
lost in a thousand years of warfare. I intend to set up a thousand 
year Reich and anyone who supports me in battle is a fellow-fighter 
for a unique spiritual-I would almost say divine-creation. At the 
decisive moment the decisive factor is not the ratio of strength but 
the spiritual force employed."( In a 1931 interview with a Leipzig 
newspaper editor).(This is in an article that someone just send for 
publication on my web site)

And also a very important role played the "Protocols of the Elders 
of Zion ", of wich there have been claims that there where 
Theosophical involvements.

Grand conspiracy theories may also have local manifestations, but 
they invariably fit into a larger scheme that has the ultimate goal 
of world hegemony. Such theories have a finite history. They began 
during the Enlightenment in northwestern Europe, became a major 
factor with the French Revolution, and peaked in importance in the 
three decades after 1918. Grand conspiracy theories have a well-
established structure and form. The story begins with a small group 
attempting to benefit itself by clandestinely making plans to take 
over the government or expand its influence abroad. 
Aum Shinri Kyo published a crude antisemitic tract in January 1995 in 
which it presented Japan´s postwar history in terms of Jewish 
domination of the country. To fight this monstrous power, Aum Shinri 
Kyo announced that it "formally declares war on the ´world shadow 
government´ that murders untold numbers of people." Just two month 
later, when the group launched a poison gas attack, it picked the 
subway in Tokyo because it saw the capital city as the "Jewish" heart 
of the country. Due to logistical mistakes, many thousands were only 
injured, and not killed, but it could easily have been otherwise.

The other important issue is that Islamic fundamentalism in its 
present political form goes clearly back to the 19th century, and is 
not particularly related to Lebanon, although Lebanon is used as one 
of the motifs for the Moslem fundamtalists today, expecially 
regarding the part in the conspiracy the US governement suppose to 
play. Although grand conspiracy theories surfaced in the Middle East 
only during the 19th century, their subject matter ranges much 
farther; indeed, it often extends right back to the time of the 
Prophet Muhammad. Unlike the West, where conspiracy theories are 
today the preserve of the alienated and the fringe, in the Middle 
East they enjoy large, mainstream audiences. They flourish on the 
street and in the palace and everywhere 
between. I am shure Bin Laden's Wahhabism that took the form of Arab 
nationalism versus the Turks in the 19th century, is verry much 
dominated by similar conspiracies Frank is mentioning . 

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