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RE: Theos-World: forcing democracy upon other countries

Oct 27, 2001 05:12 PM
by dalval14

Saturday, October 27, 2001

Dear Friends:

As far as I was able to ascertain, the system of practical
economics devised by Marx, etc... was geared purely to the
physical existence of man (economics of trade) and had nothing of
a spiritual base nor any spiritual and ethico-moral base. It was
a life of distributive poverty and as humanity was not deemed to
have any future, it was transformed into a heartless control of
"productive and consuming units." It made slaves of the week,
and oppressors of physical tyrants, as they had no ethical base
either. Who wants that? Certainly not the free spirit of Nature
or of Man.

Since the religions, that were current at his time, did not
provide a rational or logical basis for moral existence and
ethical action, he rightly called them: "opiates of the people."
They did not encourage people to think.

Neither Reincarnation nor Karma were considered, as there was no
perception by him, of the immortality of man's SPIRITUAL SELF:
the THINKING and REINCARNATING, ever- improving SOUL. If
anything it can be called a colossal experiment in KAMA-MANASIC
effort. But it had no aim other than to provide an equal
distribution of necessities. If individual minds for ever
remained outside of the control of the "authorities," then, by
physical pain and terror the bodies of the subjects were
disciplined and forced into the surface appearance of dreary

So why need student of theosophy consider that?



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Subject: Re: Theos-World: forcing democracy upon other countries

Bart wrote:

< But Marx's system, like most utopian systems, simply assumed
that when
the "paradise" was
formed, human nature would automatically change, and greed,
hunger for
power, and evil would all simply disappear. >

For Marx (early works, esp. Economical-Philosophical manuscripts,
human individual does not end on the border of his skin; his
body, his
nature is Universe. Individual who makes difference and tries to
only one side is 'alienated', 'not equal with his own essence
yet.' Well worth reading, although very hard as well.


Kazimir Majorinc, Zagreb, Croatia
M e r c y o f C h a o s

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