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Re: Theos-World: forcing democracy upon other countries

Oct 27, 2001 02:31 PM
by Majorinc, Kazimir

Bart wrote:

< But Marx's system, like most utopian systems, simply assumed that when the "paradise" was
formed, human nature would automatically change, and greed, hunger for power, and evil would all simply disappear. >

For Marx (early works, esp. Economical-Philosophical manuscripts, 1844) human individual does not end on the border of his skin; his body, his nature is Universe. Individual who makes difference and tries to change only one side is 'alienated', 'not equal with his own essence (creator) yet.' Well worth reading, although very hard as well.


Kazimir Majorinc, Zagreb, Croatia
M e r c y o f C h a o s

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