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Re: Globes & Planes OF Perception

Oct 25, 2001 09:43 AM
by Monica Suzuki

Thanks again, Dallas, for your meticulous note taking. You have 
given my puny mind a great deal of information to assimilate. I'll 
be spending considerable time collecting and deciphering them.

In the meantime, I would like to say one final thing. I do not 
believe that an embodied buddha is the only being who is able to be 
conscious of all seven planes. After all, what would that say about 
the Masters (disembodied beings with no physical bodies) which 
Blavatsky communicated with? Surely, They were concerned enough 
about the plight of humanity to raise them up out of their physical, 
astral and mental constructs. So, I would deduce that They would 
have to be aware of the lower three planes to some degree.

It's like not being able to be physically present in Afghanistan but 
being kept aware of current events by going to reliable news sources 
like the BBC, CBC and other international networks. I would not be 
surprised if the Masters had an advanced means of cosmic 
communication devices that allowed Them to keep abreast of current 
events in humanity's history.

What would you say, O Keeper of the Scrolls?


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