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RE: Theos-World Re: Globes & Planes OF Perception

Oct 25, 2001 10:30 AM
by dalval14

Dear Monica:

A physical body when used by a Mahatma is illumined by its
WISDOM. Naturally the physical matter of that body has been
refined to a point where it is sensitive to spiritual matters (I
mean really SPIRITUAL)

Since the ATMA is a portion of the Universal SPIRIT which is
truly omnipresent in all beings, it is the RAY of that universal
Atma which has been INDIVIDUALIZED by the Mahatma and
correspondingly, all the 7 planes and vehicles are also
spiritualized and in perfect attunement. At least that is as I
understand it.

The SPIRITUAL ENTITY that is the true MAHA-ATMA is obviously not
physical, just as or "Ray" of the Atma interiorly is NOT

When the Mahatma does not require a body (for use under Karma to
contact this plane of earthly material) it remains a NIRMANAKAYA
with all faculties in place and in operation at the highest
SPIRITUAL level So one could say that a Nirmanakaya when
embodied is a Mahatma.

There is no break in consciousness (such as we have while our
physical body sleeps) for the Mahatma/Nirmanakaya.

The reason for all this is

1.	the MONAD as a spiritual entity is eternal.

2.	It incarnates into the physical Man periodically (as a Tutor
might visit the home of a student) to assist its (the student's)
developing intelligence ( a combination of desire and
intellectual ratiocination ) . This is where we are : at the
student level.

3.	The Theosophical texts are the texts given for us to learn
from. They explain the relations in terms of consciousness and
development of our potential progress as MIND-BRINGS through the
process of evolution, and to complete the development of the
ental faculties which are the highest on this plane.

4.	In this process of refinement the whole mass of material we
use to make up our physical bodies receives a positive impulse to
spiritualize itself.

5.	As embodied mind, somewhere on the sliding scale of
self-improvement, we are advancing through this vast process.

6.	The human kingdom is therefore a natural outcome of three
aspects of evolution ( see
S D I 181) The dominant principle when we are awake in our
daily life, is the MIND (or rather Buddhi-Manas) the ASPIRING
and NOBLE MIND. It is continually in conflict with its opposite
brother: the LOWER MIND -- the highest aspect of personal
intelligence -- or the DESIRE-MIND ( Kama-Manas).

7.	The doctrines and declarations of the findings and history of
the ADEPTS in their studies is summarized for us in the original
Theosophical Literature and not in the writings (including mine)
which were issues later.

Writers such as my self try to provide inquirers with a survey of
the work that can be done with the help of the Theosophical

But there is(or should not be) any personal imposition or ay
claim that one method of viewing or thinking is superior to

It has to be left to the STUDENTS do decide for themselves what
is right and useful and coherent. There is no group "norm".

Each student has to become in effect his or her own teacher.

We have an additional problem. The rebellion of modern Science
against Religion, which has been proceeding for the past 4 or 500
years, has produced an increase in the rationalistic materialism
that is natural to it. This is because it is entirely based on
MATERIALISM -- the condition of our consciousness when we are

The one question the Science does not yet answer is: WHAT IS
is force and Energy? Are these intelligent and regulated? If
so, How.?

Hope this is of interest,

Best wishes,



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From: M----a S----i
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 9:44 AM
Subject: Globes & Planes OF Perception

Thanks again, Dallas, for your meticulous note taking. You have
given my puny mind a great deal of information to assimilate.
be spending considerable time collecting and deciphering them.

In the meantime, I would like to say one final thing. I do not
believe that an embodied buddha is the only being who is able to
conscious of all seven planes. After all, what would that say
the Masters (disembodied beings with no physical bodies) which
Blavatsky communicated with? Surely, They were concerned enough
about the plight of humanity to raise them up out of their
astral and mental constructs. So, I would deduce that They would
have to be aware of the lower three planes to some degree.

It's like not being able to be physically present in Afghanistan
being kept aware of current events by going to reliable news
like the BBC, CBC and other international networks. I would not
surprised if the Masters had an advanced means of cosmic
communication devices that allowed Them to keep abreast of
events in humanity's history.

What would you say, O Keeper of the Scrolls?


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