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Knowledge into experience.

Oct 25, 2001 07:19 AM
by bri_mue

Jerry: " take the knowledge received from the higher mental and 
buddhic planes and transform that knowledge into experience."

That's an interesting concept. The esoteric Taoists do similar. They 
have something like the Tibetan Lus (I don't know how you write it 
correct in English) the rainbow body or diamond vehicle, except that 
they give birth by means of a process of inner alchemie to themselves 
by projecting a new body free of past life karma plus the genetic 
bindings, that the physical body connects to the ancestors. And then 
trough a further proces up in that new body give birth to again 
another light body with the purpose accesing and bringing down the 
knowingness of these expanded levels (or dimensions) of consciousness 
that you refer to.

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