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Re: Globes & Planes

Oct 24, 2001 01:46 PM
by Monica Suzuki

--- In theos-talk@y..., "Jerry S" <gschueler@e...> wrote:
> Monica, while your idea may sound just fine, it doesn't
> work. ...One must practice it and experience it in order to
> appreciate it.

Experience with astral projection does not necessarily legitimize 
one's experience or deeper understanding of the seven planes. Astral 
projection belongs on the astral plane, does it not? It is my 
understanding that illumination does not occur at the level of the 
astral plane but it does on the higher mental and buddhic levels. 
When I was speaking of contemplative thinking, I also had in mind 
that one would take the knowledge received from the higher mental and 
buddhic planes and transform that knowledge into experience.

> All she did was to re-arrange their positions so that they are
> circular or chain-like instead of tree-like. This is not a trivial
> modification, and has enormous ramifications when we use them
> within our worldview. I have always felt that the tree-like
> structure was contrived and artifical. I find HPB's circular
> structure normal and natural.

We are in agreement here.

> Only a buddha can be conscious of all planes (samsara+nirvana=maya)
> at the same time.

Here, I was referring to a Nirmanakaya. He has achieved the first 
level of spatial mastery which occurs at the Physical Cosmic Plane. 
Those beings are very, very few and far between.


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