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Theos-World Globes & Planes

Oct 24, 2001 09:59 AM
by Nisk98114

Some say that "tree" was a descended offshoot of the hindu agnishwatta tree 
which interestingly was always pictured upside down with its roots in heaven 
, so to speak.
H.P.B. may have been one to try and bridge the gap between the enormous time 
periods where knowledge became inverted and all there was was an "upright" 
tree to use as a symbol for "the same thing" ? Whacha think , Jerry?

Monica, while your idea may sound just fine, it doesn't work. I have read a
lot of bullcrap on these lists over the years about the Globes and Planes
wherein it is painfully obvious that the individuals had no clue what they
talking about. To quote Blavatsky is not enough. To think about it is not
enough. To draw diagrams with lines and circles is not enough. One must
practice it and experience it in order to appreciate it. At the very very
least, one should read G de Purucker, who wrote with knowledge of them.

Blavatsky assumed that her readers were familar with the Qabala. That is not
the case today. Her Globes correspond with the Sephiroth, and her planes are
identical with those on the Tree of Life. All she did was to re-arrange
their positions so that they are circular or chain-like instead of
tree-like. This is not a trivial modification, and has enormous
ramifications when we use them within our worldview. I have always felt that
the tree-like structure was contrived and artifical. I find HPB's circular
structure normal and natural.

<<<<<It is possible for such an individual to be aware of all planes of
consciousness and co-exist in one or more planes at the same time due
to the possibility that such an individual would not be affected by
the space-time continuum as we mere mortals. >>>>

Only a buddha can be conscious of all planes (samsara+nirvana=maya) at the
same time.

Jerry S.

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