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RE: Karma Time Harmony Evolution: The STAR AND I --- An Inner Universe

Oct 15, 2001 07:13 PM
by dalval14

Monday, October 15, 2001

Re: Balancing of Karma -- Time vs Duration
-- Harmony and Progress -- The Star and I

Dear Friend:

Time and Duration

I would suggest that in Theosophical studies and doctrines one ought to
realize that “TIME “ is only a fragment of infinite DURATION. [ see S D I
37, 43-4, 407 ]

If Duration is infinite the time-gap between CAUSE and RESULTING EFFECT
depends on the power or force with which a cause is generated. Our sense of
the passage of time may not be that of other sentient creatures, or even of
humans in different environments that those we are

I do not see that “time” per se is a factor. For the satisfaction of the
personal man who demands an explanation for “accidents: -- like winning the
lottery, or being involved in an accidental, or a fatal crash or
catastrophe -- only a survey of the whole of the operations of nature can be
undertaken to see if the logic of Nature prevails. Does it offer an

Nature’s Universal Logic and Rules

Theosophy claims to be such an explanation and great care is taken to
consider in principle every aspect of the operation of laws: in Kosmos, in
Manifestation, in Man’s consciousness, in reincarnation and in the total
evolutionary scheme. These things we have to prove to ourselves. No one
can prove them to us or force us to accept them. Science for instance holds
that the “atom” is a perpetual motion machine.” How it is powered isnot
known. That it moves and can be sub-divided into various components is
known, but those facts do not explain either its existence or other

Who and What is Man?

Man exists, but the science of physical biology can only speculate on the
possible relationship between the development of the physical person from an
embryo consisting of the union of gametes and the final expression of
character and individuality. To ascribe these to a physical growth is a
guess (as the parameters of individual growth are generally undefinable)
and not a known fact that can be demonstrated. Certain physical norms can
be studied and the analogies and correspondences between these noted., but,
per se, these dot predetermine the intelligence, genius (or their lack) in
an individual human body of any race, sex, character or religion.

If we look at Karma from our limited life-span point of view on our Earth,
where 60+ years is a LONG TIME for us, then the matter of a “hang-over,” or
“unfinished business” at the time of death becomes significant.

We don’t have invariable proof of our own reincarnation as a SPIRITUAL BEING
using many physical bodies in a linear sequence. Yet the feeling of
individuality in ineradicable. But, when researched, it is found that the
general literature of our times provides a surprising amount of accounts
concerning Reincarnation. [ See for instance:


Cranston and Williams, (Julian Press)

-- this doctrine of Reincarnation, coupled with that of universally active
Karma are well explained in terms of evidence and logic in the KEY TO

Earth an Evolutionary School --Reincarnation Classes

The concept of three lines of evolution combining and interacting within the
focus of a human being, whose MIND makes this possible, will be found
discussed in The SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. I pp 180-3, 157-160, 242-6.

It is at the end of life, when death of the physical body occurs, that any
“lose ends” need to be considered. The economy of Nature envisages no
“trash heap” where unfinished business is deposited to molder and disappear.
On the contrary, one of the major factors of Nature in manifestation is the
great Law of KARMA that is sensitive to the least as well as the greatest of
components of Nature in the Universe.

Earth and the STARS ABOVE

A few months back the national Geographical Society published a star map --
of the known universe, as seen and mapped by Astronomy. On a plane surface
was displayed the location of planets stars, systems and galaxies which we
can see with eye and telescope. Our earth is an insignificant dot in a
small spiral galaxy (the Milky Way) located vaguely in the “South West”
corner of this Map.

We are important to ourselves. To the rest of the universe we are an atom
or a molecule of universal substance of no particular importance.

Yet we pretend to ourselves that our importance is very real, that we are
the :Lords and Ladies of Intelligence and the Universe is our personal
plaything. That the “God” our religions pray to is important and the Ruler
of worlds -- yet in actuality that cannot be so.

MAN and the Atoms below.

Consider for a moment our own physical bodies (not to mention the invisible
sub-stratum of the electro-magnetic lattice work of the Astral) made up of
an estimated 3 quadrillions of cells and 17 quintillions of molecules and
atoms. It is for each of us a “Star map.”

It gives a probable view of the way in which the intelligence of our organs
and inner structures cooperate with one another to form a living human body.
We have not consciously built this. it has been formed by “Nature” -- how
-- we do not know.

We, as a CONSCIOUS ENTITY live in it and call it “ourselves,” and we try to
make it act and feel and think, and react to various stimuli impelled by our
WILL from within this heaving mass of animated substance. How did it come
to us? Where does it go after leaving us? What kind of influences are
brought to us by its incoming or outgoing? Is Karma (good and bad)
associated with this constant come and go ?

Intelligence, Consciousness, Laws that unite

Theosophy holds the Universe (Nature) is ruled by immutable laws. Generally
these are named “Karma.” Science in its many departments of research is
rediscovering and exposing to the light of understanding the innumerable
laws whereby the progress of all beings under the continual balance of
reciprocity and brotherhood occur.

Nature is not only a well-regulated place, but above all it is fair, just
and moral (as we sentient beings, sensitive to “give and take” might express
it), to the extent that it provides for any transgression an experience that
reflects back to the transgressor the nature, force and power of his choices
(which may be for good or bad treatment of others) -- which demonstrates to
him/her the infinite and charitable attributes of a passionless School in
which all live together. The facts of cooperation, interaction, a common
source of materials, tend to emphasize the very real existence of this
intelligent and educative situation.

It is around this principle of infinite tender justice, that Priests have
erected creeds and unprovable faiths, which seek to convince transgressors
that they have a way of deflecting painful effects from those who have
“sinned,” and “confessed.” They have debased the grand and majestic
illogical status of a Personal God responsive to concocted religious praise,
prayer, petition and specially to priestly cajoling -- at a dear cost in
hard cash or favors received from the parishioner.

Theosophy in theory and Practice. Sagacity

Theosophical doctrines do this (and provide a logical basis for facts and
the operation of immutable laws) because of the concept of the IMMORTALITY
of the TRUE MAN -- the HIGHER EGO [ ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS]. Karma as the
uniform law of justice, balance and harmony that is ever-active pervades the
Universe, our world, and ourselves -- as well as all other living beings.

As the Intelligent and Conscious MONAD (the REAL MAN) in evolution, it is
deathless. All beings are representatives of the deathless MONAD (they are
in fact themselves: Monads) and those which are advanced in experience and
knowledge, attract other Monads (of lesser experience) to them, so that they
may impart the wisdom to them, through evoking their attentive faculty of
close observation. Note: it is an impartation of information, and not a
compulsion to obey without comprehension.

Theosophy claims to be a portion of the informative process. It is a record
made by Great Sages down the many ages and aeons of common experience [see S
D I 272-3]. Humanity has to consider this and choose, each one for
themselves, on their personal application thereafter.

The Karmic See-saw

Consequently the “balance of Karma”: relating to an earlier Personality
[Lower-Manas, Kama, Prana, Astral and physical bodies] that may have had no
time to manifest so far, will be held over as “unfinished business” in the
life ledger of the new personality that is evoked, to continue the
evolutionary development of the Spiritual Man and the task of his
spiritualizing of his own Personality. Each human has to do this for

In this Karma always operates as a ceaseless “collection agency.” Goodand
evil choices receive their due attention and the “new” personality
[assembled from the skandhas (little-lives) of the older ones] bring with
them those impressions of ”good” or evil” which have to be balanced.

I hope this may be of use to us. Can some more contributions and
observations be offered?

Best wishes,



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dalval quoted:

<<<[PARA](6) Karma is not subject to time, and therefore he who knows what
is the ultimate division of time in this Universe knows Karma.>>>>

<JERRY: This is exactly what I have been saying - karma differs from
scientific causality in the sense that causes and effects are not so
time-dependent. But it is time-dependence, effects quickly following causes,
that allows cause and effect to work as a learning tool. And this is why I
keep saying that karma is a terribly poor learning mechanism, and if life is
a school then I could have come up with a more effective way to learn
lessons in it myself.>



Another angle on this is perhaps - that from the next dimension up "time" is
just another direction like "length" or "breadth" and in the whole picture
from this superior-to-time dimension, all karma is already manifest and
existence is a complete whole and one can see that each karmic incident is
just an aspect of the complete whole.

"The ultimate division of time" is a curious statement.

As Jerry says, Karma is a poor learning mechanism because of the lack of
immediacy of cause and effect - which just goes to show that the whole ball
game wasn't made for our benefit, but that we have to learn the rules


dalval quoted:

<<<<[PARA](14) In the life of worlds, races, nations, and
individuals, Karma cannot act unless there is an appropriate
instrument provided for its action.>>>>

<JERRY: Without something to act, and without space and time to act in, how
can there be karma? So how can we say it is "universal" when clearly its
existence is dependent, like everything else in this universe is dependent?>



An additional meaning of this is, I think, that - say one has a certain
Karma that can only manifest in a city environment for some reason. If one
lives in the country, then there is no "instrument" for it to manifest until
one moves into the conducive environment. Or if one had computer-related
Karma from Atlantean lives and was reborn in 19th century London, the
particular karma couldn't manifest


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